Oxford Engineering and Software is developing and marketing model based design and simulation software for the creation of digital twins of physical systems. One of these, FlowNetMaster, is used to build digital twins of thermal-fluidic systems. Thermal-fluidic systems cover a broad range from water grids to natural gas pipelines, to heating ventilation cooling and refrigiration (HVAC&R) systems and to power and propulsion systems. It becomes possible to design, simulate and optimize physical systems using these software solutions.

This demo video illustrates the key features of FlowNetMaster®. FlowNetMaster® offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drops user interface wherein engineers can build their models and run simulations without the need to know a specific programming or a modeling language. No code writing is involved. FlowNetMaster® includes a number of steady state and transient solvers to obtain physical solution.

FlowNetMaster® has a built-in database for standard components. Users can also add their custom components to their own database. For example users can import an image file of a pump characteristic curves from a manufacturer’s product catalogue or datasheet and digitize this image using our friendly and intuitive interface and then save this pump to their database for later use within their models.

FlowNetMaster® also offers basic data visualization tools (graphing, model coloring, vector indicators for flow direction etc.) and data export to third party software for further manipulation and data reduction.